Moving overseas requires much time and tons of chores. Relocating for personal effects requires careful packing, processing customs clearance for importing and exporting, booking space on sea or air transportations, loading-unloading your goods, et cetera. In addition, we are aware of you and your family’s long to-do list, such as saying farewell to everyone and greetings in the new place, school arrangements for the children, finding the right house or apartments and even preparing your pets for the new adventure. For your overseas personal effects relocation, please leave everything to Cakra Moving staff. We will handle your personal effects with utmost care.

The word “Door To Door” has become common, but it is a service from room to room. We carry out all export packing from dishes to large furniture.

Delivery will be carried out from the unpacking of luggage to the installation of furniture until disposing of remaining materials while unpacking. We will provide information and explain the customs clearance procedures and the ship/aircraft’s schedule, and we will propose the most efficient schedule. We are available to cater your international moves with our vast experiences in other countries besides Japan (South East Asia, Europe, United States, South America and Africa).


With an excellent experience in everything we do, we work hard to provide the best moving, packing, and storage solution. We will provide smooth services to residential moving (from house to apartment, with local and long distance or intercity).

For local moving, we have earned our reputation by staying committed to time, excellence, and trust. We provide full moving services, from door to door include pick up, delivery, packing, unpacking, setting up and disassembly furniture, as well as storage solution.

In addition to offering moving service, we also accommodate every aspect of your move by providing all moving supplies.


We are experts in packing and moving your company’s assets include office furniture, documents, electronic devices, even factory machinery, to your new premises.

You can rest easy knowing our movers will handle your belongings with the smoothest level of care. And we have all the necessary tools to ensure the job is done right in our hand.


Prudence in handling cargo in the form of pets is also essential. Relocate your pets from their comfortable surroundings can be a stressful task. You can count on us as specialist when it comes to door-to-door pet delivery, every step of the way and no matter distance.

We also learn more about the differences in service transportation in each country starting from important requirement, flight schedule, health check-up, quarantine, and important document that need to be fulfiled, before your departure abroad.


Leave from a company

When you are relocated back to your home country or to other part of the world, it is necessary to ask company’s General Affairs the relocation’s allowance for you and family, such as the specified amount from of shipping CFT, M3, air cargo Kgs. So that you can make a sound moving plan!

Survey and luggage inspection

Our Japanese staff will visit you and check the luggage that you will bring and calculate its capacity or weight. In the customs clearance of your luggage, you will need to present a document called Exit Permit Only (EPO) to prove your immigration status. We will decide the date of pickup based on the document (retrieved around seven days after the date of return).

Preparation of cardboard boxes

We will send 3 types of cardboard, packing materials and masking tapes in advance. In the case of customer self-packing, you can use it for each luggage you bring.

Classification and arrangement of luggage

We will ask you to sort and organize what you will actually bring. Regarding packages stuffed up by you, please fill in the box separately and seal. Please bring valuables on your own.

Packing by our company

We will proceed with luggage packaging and carrying out at the designated day and time with Japanese relocation experts and Indonesian packers. We will prepare the packing list. Also, we will give the required documents to be prepared by customers as well as the insurance list.

Packing in wooden boxes at our warehouse and packing in container

To ensure the safety of your household items when moving, we will make a wooden box in our warehouse, which is stronger to withstand impacts that may occur during the shipping process. In a more precise form, all boxes will be put into containers, and ready to be shipped to their destination.

Sending by ship and airplane

Shipment time will take approximately 7 hours by air freight and 14 days by sea freight to Japan. In total, it will take approximately 30 to 40 days by shipping and 7 to 10 days by airmail from pickup to delivery.


The need of insurance is a must for relocation, either domestically or internationally for household goods and personal effects. Our staff will help clients understand and identify risks that must be covered, and suggest the right  insurance policy that can protect you from unwanted losses in the process and journey of your moving goods.

Arrival in Japan

Kindly prepare the copies of unaccompanied baggage declaration form and passports at the arrival airport in Japan and send them to our company.

Luggage arrival in the port or airport and customs clearance

We will proceed the custom clearance based on the document you have prepared.

Customs clearance and delivery

We will deliver to the customer’s designated place, unpack, install the furniture and clear up the packaging materials. If your package has been damaged, please confirm with the delivery worker immediately.

Air Relocation from Indonesia to Japan (or vice versa)

It takes approximately 1 – 2 weeks from pick-up to delivery.

We will mainly move the daily necessities, including kitchen utensils, baby supplies, school supplies, and souvenirs which will be needed right after returning home and arriving in the new post. We will arrange from packaging to pick up.

Sea Relocation from Indonesia to Japan (or vice versa)

It takes approximately 30 to 40 days from pick-up until delivery.

We will assist you with a careful and quick packaging of various categories of items, such as daily necessities, furniture, electronic products, dishes, decorations, et cetera. After cardboard packing, we will then arrange the wooden box carry-in and container packing at our site. We take special care against moisture.

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